What Makes Baby Clothes Organic?

I had a question from a customer today wondering how baby clothes were made organic? At first it seemed kind of interesting the way the question was phrased, like regular baby clothes were put through some process and then became organic.

As I explained that baby clothes can only be considered organic if the cotton used during manufacturing was grown in a stringently governed certified organic cotton field, he said, oh, like organic food! I had never really associated the two together before, but it really is a good explanation since most people do understand the tight controls and regulations imposed on organic farmers before they can classify and sell their products as organically grown.

So as you’re wondering about the choice between organic cotton baby clothes and regular cotton baby clothes, remember the requirements placed on farmers of produce. They are not allowed to have used chemicals, pesticides or herbicides on their farm land for three years prior to planting. They are not allowed to use any of the above on their crops while the produce is growing. They are not allowed to use any chemicals or toxic dyes during processing. All of these facts are true during the production and manufacturing of organic cotton baby clothes.

If you have chosen to buy organic food for yourself or your family, shouldn’t you also choose organic baby clothes for the same reasons, to keep the chemicals and pesticides away from baby’s little body for healthier living?

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, my customer’s analogy to organic food was right on!

Source: Why Makes Baby Clothes Organic?


Author: LoveBaby+

We created LoveBaby+ because every baby deserves unquestionably safe crib bedding made from 100% organic materials. Our mission is to make you and your babies home as safe, beautiful and stress-free as possible.

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